Here's the slideshow I am having trouble with. It's on Showkase, but it seems to be a simpleviewer problem.

Here is a screen shot of what the "activity" window is saying on their computer.
He is running snow leopard.
When I tried to download a picture from the slideshow on his computer, it says "what do you want to save it as?" and only gives an "all files" option. It didn't seem like the .jpg extension was attached for some reason

Does this mean anything to you?

Thanks for the reply Steven,

Yes, I have everything updated correctly, so it is definitely a browser function. This is the 3rd person that has come across this problem, so I am going to try to figure it out on their compter.
Im sending the slideshow through my server. It works fine for me.
Actually, about a year ago, it was downloading all the images for me at one time, but somehow the problem resolved itself and I never looked back.
If I figure out the problem on my clients computer, I will update this thread.


I send slideshows out to my clients using Simpleviewer pro and include the download button, but they are saying that is does not give them the option to download each individual picture. Instead it say's "save all images" and does not actually show up when they download it.

I can not recreate the problem on my mac, so I am in the dark and just hoping someone else has encountered this problem?

Thank you Mike!
Works like a charm

Not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but the button bar doesn't seem to consistently work embedded in an iframe on my site. Here is my website:
I've also noticed that clicking left and right on the slide show doesn't always work.
I adjust the setting through SV Manager on my server.

If anyone knows of a fix, I would love to hear from you!


   That worked perfect!


Hey Guys,

  I'm trying to embed SV-PRO 2.1.2 into my website using an iFrame. When you look at the mobile version of it, it cuts the bottom of both the thumbnails and individual pictures.
  I'm not really sure if this is a simpleviewer problem or an Html problem, but wanted to check with you just in case.



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I've been having the same issue.
The back button only works every once in a while also.


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I love the fact that I can update my portfolio in many locations using svManager!
What I don't like, is that I have to build my portfolio on svBuilder and upload that separately if I wnt a mobile version of my portfolio.
My question is: Are there any plans to make svManager generate a mobile gallery?
That would be an amazing feature!

If it already exists, please let me know :)


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this is in picasa by the way


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I have finally gotten everything like I want it on my gallery, but somewhere along the way I switched the title from being generated automatically to being whatever I put in quotes on my header.xml

Does anyone know what I did wrong?



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How do I remove the thumbnail arrows?
I've made it to where only the main image shows up, but I still get the arrows for thumbnails that aren't there anymore.

Thanks in advance!