What I need help on is knowing if there is a way to format the text within the gallery.xml file.

for example:  If you wanted to have 'Kitchen & Bath Remodel' on one line, and then on a new line to start 'Oak Wood Finish' , and then another line 'Granite Counter Tops' , and so forth.  Also is there a way to put a line break in between lines of text?

It would really help me out..thank you.

After going through that solution that was posted to let it hyperlink the main image in the gallery, it said it should be ez to figure out how to put the arrows back inside again, but I'm afraid I must be an idiot =/

Could anyone help me get the arrows back on the inside?

Hopefully this isn't going to hijack this thread...

Here's a finished version of your work, integrated with what I'm doing currently.

This combines exactly step-for-step what you did, along with about 4-5 extra lines of code. :)


can you share your changes so that others can utilize them as well?

Also , can you resize the image so that when they click the image , it will be larger? This would be quite useful if so

is there anyway to have someone click the image and it go directly to the site (as this thread explains how to do) WITHOUT them having to change their flash security settings that allows / blocks urls from flash?

if not, it seems like a (unfortunately) useless thing, although if there is a way to get around this then it would be very useful.

Is there a faster way (or script/prog) that will load all the images.  I have about 200, so individually cut and pasting the names would be  a huge pain.

I dont have an issue with inputting the captions, but it would be nice to have a way to load all the images / thumbnails faster into that gallery.xml file