Is it possible to create a landing page within flash/simple viewer? For example upon first visiting the site, maybe a movie clip is called to the stage that contains a written introduction about the site. The nav would still be on the side.

I suppose I could add this intro as an image but I don't want a thumbnail to display.

Thanks for any help.


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If anyone can figure out how to create id parameters automatically for each photo, I'd be happy to reimburse them for their time and I'll post the solution here. Id try it myself but my coding skills are lousy :p


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So I figured out that if you use a fixed layout and then write the following code in you can get the image to be full screen and have thumbnails over it.

static var imageAreaWidth = Stage.width; //width of Image Area  
    static var imageAreaHeight = Stage.height; //height of Image Area    

I still don't know how to make it resize when the user changes the size of his browser though : (

Is there a way to have the thumbnails sit on top of my main images w/o using the fixed layout method? I would use a fixed layout but I love having my main images resize to fit the browser.


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Is there a way to create an id parameter automatically for each photo? So each time you click on a photo a new specific id would be created. If someone else is visiting my site and they want to email the link of a specific photo this could be helpful.