Really?? Thanks! I try :!:


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I resolved the problem by clearing the browesr cache! Thanks!  :)

Thanks for information

45 dollars for an year? It's included simpleviewer and also tilt and the other viewer (I don't remember the name)?

How much is it?

I'm doing my site

The question is: is there any way to remove the text 'SimpleViewer Gallery' that appears above the preview images?

Thanks very much


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I have a free web space
I charge all the tiltviewr files to this webspace using an ftp program
I see the tiltvier example image of a wood repeated 9 times,ok.

Now: I tried to insert my own photos following the instructions (modify index, modify gallery...) but I can't see them, I put them into /imgs folder...

and also: I deleted the wood image but tiltviwer always show can it do??

Thanks for help :!: