www phanumasphotography com

However, this is currently linking to different gallery software. It's a photographer's website so he cannot afford to have a gallery which doesn't show his photographs!

I want to migrate all the galleries to simpleviewer and use the software for other sites I am working on


I'm looking forward to hearing your resolve as I have the same problem - posted a topic, but never got a response  :(


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"was the text you saw the error message saying you needed flash to run the script?"

Yes, I have the same problem. I created the gallery in Photoshop and successfully changed number of thumbnails, background colour etc. When I pointed a hyperlink embedded in a picture, I got the above error message.

I am also rebuilding the site in FrontPage and copied the files into a folder and when I tried to view the /index.html page, I got the same error message again.

Can anyone please help??? :rolleyes: