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Hi. Right now, I only see individual site licenses. Is there any type of commercial license possibility, so I could include the pro viewer in my application or at least in as many sites/servers as I want?



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Thanks for the response.

1. I do like the cleanness of the current design and would hope such controls would be small, intuitive and not detract.
2. It certainly wouldn't be the default mode, but would simply exist if someone finds a good gallery and wants to maximize the page and sit back and relax, or if someone is showing a personal trip gallery to a friend sitting right there and doesn't want to sit there clicking, etc.

Anyway, "simpleviewer" is just that and serves it's purpose just fine as is.

A similar flash component with slideshow mode (default) is http://www.slideshowpro.net/.  It uses a single toggle button for play and pause with gallery browsing controls as well. Speed control in the interface could probably improve it.


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I know Autoviewer exists for slideshows. But, I do think there would be good value in adding a slideshow mode to Simpleviewer to allow the user the option to auto-forward through the gallery at some time interval (with pause and stop controls).

Just a thought. These are great apps.