Good morning (in Amsterdam, Holland),

Opening an old album in svBuilder and republishing it, was OK. I could see the album local on my computer and this was OK too.
When I upload the album to the new svManager, importing this album in svManager, I can see in the edit screen of the svManager all the information: thumbnails, titles, etc. That's OK.
But when I open the album, I see only white crosses all over: thumbnails and images! And the new characteristics (eg. the fullscreen button and the little arrows)are gone. You can navigate. The paths are good, the permissions are good. Strange!?

Can anyone give me a hint for the solutions of this problem?

Many thanks,
Hans Drieman

Good evening,

I just installed svmanager 1.2.3 and started adding a gallery.
Now I found a bug (?): the drag'drop sort function doesn't work.
The other sort function works good, not the drag'drop!?
I tested svmanager with the svmtest-application and everything was OK.

Thanks for your help.
Hans Drieman