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Thanks Felix.  The problem is that when I click on the Browse button the script freezes.  This is BEFORE any directories are listed.  The program can't choke on a file as it doesn't even know where to look for the file yet.

I've upgraded to CS4 and the CS4 scripts and have the same problem.

any other ideas?


(2 replies, posted in SimpleViewer v1)

Adobe PS CS3 10.0.1, windows XP SP3, 4GB RAM.

I've copied the latest SimpleViewer scripts (12/28/08) into the scripts folder in PS.  I launch PS and kick off the simpleviewer script.  The simpleviewer window comes up where you set the options.  As soon as I click on either of the Browse buttons for setting the input or output folder the script freezes.  I can click on the close button on the script window and it then closes PS.

Anybody have an idea why this script may be freezing?