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Hello everybody,
i'm trying to create an album made of images and files form flash but the .swf (pratically an image +  a button) seems not to be recognized..
Does anybody already tried that and is it possible to do that with autoviewer pro ?
Thanks for your help guys


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Hello everybody,
i'm about to get autoviewer pro but before i wanna be sure i can customise it as i need. I will need to create many galleries (of about 30 images or maybe more) possibly with an automatic database. (cause i cant create each time one div for each image... would be too long and i need to update very soon the pictures ..) Does the pro-version allow that ?
and i might also need to use the pictures as button (in flash) to other pages .. so i'm hoping that by working on the flash code i'll be able to do that also ..

Can someone can just please confirm me i can to these 2 modifications before i buy it for nothing ?

thanks !