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I've just had someone visit my site and rather than clicking on the main image, they clicked on the thumbnails.  As there are no arrows to indicate that there are more images, they assumed that the only images available were the 7 that had thumbnails.

Can you please let me know how I can add arrows to the thumbnails to clearly show there are more images. 

You can view the site here



Hi, is there any news yet about when a new version will be release which includes a fix for the problem of the gallery being offset from the content.  It's very fustrating have a website which doesn't work on mobile devices?!?!?!?



As previously posted, I love Simpleviewer and have been using it for years.  I recently built a new photosite based on Wordpress and once again have decided to use Simpleviewer.

I've been really dissapointed that there hasn't been support for mobile devices and was really pleased when 2.1.2 came out.  Like a number of others, I quickly spotted the problem of the content being offset from the gallery.  Whilst there is a workaround, I already have hundreds of posts and it would take ages to fix all of them...

Therefore I hope an updated version will be out quickly with a proper fix.

Thanks Steven, however one of the main reasons for using Simpleviewer with WP, is that it's very simple!!  What your suggesting looks very complex and time consuming..

Hope we have the upgraded version 'very' soon.


Hi there.
I'm a pro user and have just upgraded to V2.1.2 - I was hoping that mobile support for Simpleviewer and Wordpress would have been included - and unless I've done something wrong, it's not.

Can you please let me know when this will be available - I love Simpleviewer, but not having a simple solution for Wordpress on mobile devices is crazy and most annoying!

Thanks in advance

Hi Felix - any news on when the WP plugin will support universal playback - I'm desperate for the fix!!!!



I've recently downloaded wp-simpleviewer and also upgraded to pro.  I've built a new wordpress site and it's working brilliantly with Simpleviewer.

The one big problem I'm having is with the transparent background.  Based on another post in this forum, I added the line:


to WP-simpleviewer.php.  It works fine APART from when I try and view the image full screen and I get a horrible green background.

Can anyone help?!??!


Hi all,
have managed to get it working fine apart from one issue.
When I open the blog, the gallery displays fine HOWEVER, before I open the blog post itself, the message simply says "SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash" - any idea how to get rid of this.

(Hope what I've said has made sense!!)
Thanks in advance

Hi all (and happy new year).
I'm managing to upload a new gallery ok to my wordpress site, however under the thumbnails (which I have sitting under the main image) appears the following text

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Any ideas on how to get rid of this?!?!

Also, if anyone has got any links they can send me to wordpress sites which they have set-up using the simpleviewer plugin, I'd love to have a look to get some ideas

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the reply.  Managed to do that, however when I then go to re-publish, I get all sorts of errors that all seem to start with

"There is no method with the name 'Delegate'."



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Hi, could someone tell me how I can reduce the size of the thumbnails.

(I've got Simpleviewer Pro)