Hi There.

I have SV manager setup with Tiltviewer Pro gallery with 10 galleries in it & it works fine.

Can you advise me how to create a seperate gallery on a seperate page for different products?

I tried downloading the svmanager folder, renaming it svmanager2, deleting the other galleries in it
& then uploading it to my wwroot folder. When I go to "www.***.ie/svmanager2" I still see the galleries
I don't want to use but with "x" in them.
How do I start a frest gallery list in a seperate page?



Hi all.

I have created a group of gallerys using SvManager & Tiltmanager Pro using Flickr.

When I go to the Gallery Index (the one where I click on which gallery to view from the choices) The gallery has a name but the link is an "X" in a grey box.

(In Simple viewer a picture automaticaly comes up)

In the Svmanager there is a button called "Link Target" which I am guessing is where I put link to a picture I want to appear in the "X"

Am I right? So, I upload a picture to my site & put the link here?