Well, Fetch was the problem. I tried using the FTP server that godaddy provides to upload and it ran perfectly!

Thank you lunaregina!


Thank you! I will try that!

Actually it still doesn't work I just had to figure something else out for my client to see their proofs so I used my old computer and another version of simple viewer. I still need help with problem in the original post.


Hi, I have SimpleViewer as a plugin for CS2 newly downloaded. My gallery looks perfect when I click the index page on my desktop but when I FTP to godaddy I only see a blank SV page.

I just switched from a macbook to imac and used to have iphoto export which worked great but it won't work correctly on the imac so I downloaded the plugin for CS2. I'm using this for (photography) private client proofs and I send them the direct link to their proofs. Its not connected to the rest of my site.

Here's what I've been uploading in a folder titled "clients name"
image folder
thumb folder

The location is here www illustrationsoflife com/wright3

I called godaddy and they couldn't help. I'm really hoping someone here can  help.