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I rewired the site into the structure above and I think we can close this issue since my site is up and running!!  :D

I was able to take the contents from my gallery.php and retrofit them into the g1/index.php.   You've been very helpful and patient getting this integrated into my site.  I still have questions, but probably for other topics.  Getting the site functional was most important.  You may see other posts looking for fine tuning customizations.

Thanks again!


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I'm not quite sure I understand.  When I created the g1 folder off of the web root, the links in the index file are still broken. I'm still confused about the steps you recommend to fix broken links in my code vs the SV package (standard or pro). Can you break them down into steps please.

My test didn't work.
New gallery directory off of root  /g1/index.html does not work
Not moving index.html works

If I create a new gallery folder in the web root, which files do I configure to connect my code to the gallery.  How does the index.html file find the viewer.swf?



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Jack,  If you are still confused please let me know.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here's my website:  http://lorigallo.com/default.php

Click on the gallery link to see my gallery page.  You can view source to see the code if you are still not clear.

Let's get this resolved this week please, it's been many posts and I need a resolution.



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The link from the home page is to the gallery page.  The gallery is embedded in the page, not a direct link.  The embedded code is from the SV documentation.

gallery.php page

<?php include_once&#40;"header.php"&#41;; //load header ?>

                <td height="578" align="center" colspan="4"><font face="Arial, Helvetica,           sans-serif" size="1"><br>
                <div id="flashcontent">SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. 
                        <a href="http&#58;//www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/">Get Flash.</a></div>    &nbsp;&nbsp;
                          <script type="text/javascript">
                                    var fo = new SWFObject&#40;"viewer.swf", "viewer", "840", "578", "8", "#FFFFFF"&#41;;

<?php include_once&#40;"footer.php"&#41;; //load footer ?>


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When the user enters the site there is a general home page.  From the home page there is a link to the gallery.  When the gallery link is clicked a second page is loaded that takes the user directly into the gallery, NOT to a gallery index page.  I have no need now for a gallery index page since  I have only one gallery.

I'm thinking this is merely an issue with a path setting, somewhere.  This is my last big technical hurdle so I need to wrap it up soon.



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Square one...good place to start.   Thanks for clarifying the two index pages!

My site has one gallery and I'm not planning on adding another soon so let's keep it simple.  I have a page called gallery.php that includes a header and footer.  The body of gallery.php contains the SimpleViewer embedded code as per instructions for embedding in html.  I want to call the individual gallery index.php from my gallery.php page not the overall galleries index. 

Does this make sense from your product design perspective or is SV designed to always show the overall gallery index page?  How would I embed the single gallery index.php and skip the overall gallery index (for the time being)?

Thanks, Steve


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I reran the test again and found an error on my part.   I think my confusion is which index.php file to move.   I accepted the defaults when creating the gallery (/svmanager/g1).  When I reran your instructions I moved index.php out from /test/svmanager/g1 NOT from /test/svmanager folder.  When I followed step 5 exactly, it worked.  BUT I'm not sure that's the page I want to show.

Here's what I need now that the test is working.  I am trying to display a gallery embedded in a .php page so the index file from g1 is displayed.  Should I move  /test/svmanager/g1/index.php (works with the new gallery created for test)  OR  /test/svmanager/index.php

Also,  would my pathToManager$='svmanager/g1'  ???

Hope the latest discovery helps.

Felix,  Thanks for the response!  Please let me know if I understand this correctly.  I downloaded Simpleviewer Pro thinking that this plugin to Photoshop would let me customize the gallery creation process "out of the box" without editing the SWF file.  I now need to create the new SWF file by using Flash or a Flash editor (like SVmanager ?).  I do not own SVmanager yet.

Here's my question...Does SVmanager allow me to create a new SWF file with customized thum sizes and captions???  Once the new SWF file is edited and added the presetsscripts in Photoshop, should I expect to see the customized menu in the PS plugin for building the gallery?


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I am using iMac with OS X 10.5.5

I am also trying like thornhill73 to run Pro thru Photoshop CS3.  It was easy to set up the free version in Photoshop but the Pro options are not showing up in the Photoshop menu after following the upgrade directions:

"Copy the SimpleViewer SWF that comes in the Pro download (at webviewer.swf) to the SimpleViewer script folder inside the Photoshop application folder on your computer.   RESTART Photoshop"

Felix, Please provide more details for this integration.  Should I expect a more robust set of options with the Pro version in the Photoshop File-->Scripts-->Simple Viewer menu????   What other steps are needed for this upgrade?

I purchased the Pro for the ability to set custom thumbnail sizes, captions etc.

:?  :cry: