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Thanks for your help!


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Is there a way to include a volume control or on/off for the music?


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Is it a good idea to resize the thumbs to closer to their actual size of 65 x 65 to help load/preload time for the gallery?

When I want to change the options in SVPro, I'm a little confused as to what steps I actually need to do.  I'm using Picasa to generate the files.
*I'm opening the options.as in Dreamweaver and making the changes.
*I'm opening the simpleviewer file in Flash to publish it (although when I've made changes to the options.as file, I've gotten errors when republishing)
*Then I copy the swf file into the gallery folder created by Picasa
*I'm also copying the swf file into my picasa template folder.

Is that right and is it all necessary each time I try to make a change to the options?
Thanks so much!