for sure pretty simple for some pros !

i have mixed images that are 900x600 (landscape) and others that are 600x900 pixel
the gallery shows only the landscape images correct, the 600x900 pixel images are only shown at a maximum of 600 pixel
so some part of the images are missing !

whats wrong ?

the gallery hight is always switched back to 600 px event though i declared that 900px schould be used !

Felix wrote:

Get previous versions of WP-SimpleViewer here: … /download/

THANKS to Steven & Felix !

stepping back to version 2.0.5 solved my problem !

Steven Speirs wrote:

I'm not sure what could be causing it but the problem looks to be that your embedding code has been enclosed within three sets of <p></p> tags.

<p><script type="text/javascript">
var flashvars15 = {};
flashvars15.galleryURL = "";</p>
<p>jQuery(document).ready(function () {
    SV.simpleviewer.load("flashContent15", "600", "600", "ffffff", true, flashvars15);

hi steven !

i'm not changing code (too stupid  ;-)  ) well as you can see there are several users facing the problem !

User "Brigitte" mentioned  that in Release 2.0.5 everything went fine - i would like to step back to 2.0.5 - the question is
how to remove 2.1.2 corrent and where to find the install sources for 2.0.5


Steven Speirs wrote:

We'll try to keep replies to your query in one place.
Please post a URL to your gallery in this thread.

ok, done take a look !  :)

Steven Speirs wrote:

Please post a URL to your gallery so that we can take a look.  is my URL

See Menu Blog....--->"The Duke"

i'm facing the same problem, tried your hint - but no success

i still get the same error like izuruk

Felix wrote:

Upgrading from 2.0.5 to 2.1.2 breaks my gallery

Try editing the post with the gallery attached and clicking "update post".

i have the same error like "Brigitte" - none of your suggestions helped :-(

Steven Speirs wrote:

Go to your Media Library, attach the relevant images to the post containing your SimpleViewer gallery, edit the post and click 'Update'.

afterwards i see this error on my post...

Warning: DOMDocument::load() [domdocument.load]: I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/home/.sites/67/site690/web/wp-content/uploads/12.xml" in /home/.sites/67/site690/web/wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/wp-simpleviewer.php on line 795

Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttribute() on a non-object in /home/.sites/67/site690/web/wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/wp-simpleviewer.php on line 800

Steven Speirs wrote:

Instructions for WP-SimpleViewer can be found here: … pleviewer/
At what point in the procedure do things start to go wrong for you (Installation, Adding a Gallery)?
Do you encounter an error message?  If so, what does it say?

The error is mentioned in the subject of this thread !

Question: Is it possible to add certain photos of the library to a SV gallery ? Where do i define which photos
should be displayed in the gallery.

Back to the problem:
When i create a post i have a button "Add Simpleviewer Gallery" - a window pops up where i can define "image source" and some other fields chance to select the photos....i can close this window by pressing "Add Gallery" - thats it - it adds a code  e.g. [simpleviewer gallery id="14"]  - next i can preview this post and then i see this error mentioned in the subject of this thread.

on the left side of ma wp-admin interface i have a SimpleViewer section where my galleries are listed, but no chance to add  photos...

After 2hours googling i'm frustrated !
I have no idea  why this happens !

i am not able to establish a SV gallery in my blog posts   :o

Brigitte wrote:

That's the same error I'm getting with 2.1.2, 2.0.5 works fine.

i updated to 2.1.2 - and i would like to step back to 2.0.5
where can i find this version ? i stupid or what ? :mad:

ok, the plugin in working basically
ok, i can press within a post the "Add SimpleViewer" Gallery
then i can decide either "flickr" or "wordpress library"

BUT WHERE can i select the images ???

i have several images in my WP library already and i want some (not all) of them to show in a gallery

do the images in the library need a certain marker to show in a gallery ?


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to be honest - it works but i cannot say why !

tested the web-creation feature inside adobe lightroom and compared the result with the result from the export of picasa....hmm - no difference

maybe i made a mistake with filezilla

deleted everything on the webserver and reloaded - now it works fine !  :D


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:cry: mine is not working too, used picasa + airtight template

works local fine - but not on the web - nothing to see