Thanks for the reply.
I used Filezilla first and then just for kicks tried the newest version of Fetch to see if it made any difference. The only difference it made was that it now does not show the JavaScript/Flash message.

Any thoughts?

I know this has been asked before but i have just spent the day reading through the forums and found no info to get me through this problem. Everything works fine until i look at it on line and i get the message on the page saying i need JavaScript and Flash. It worked as a preview in both Firefox and Safari but not when i actually publish it. I used Filezilla to upload it. I do have the latest version of Flash and I have Java and JavaScript enabled in my preferences. If there is anyone that can help i would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance.

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Hey I was wondering if there was any progress on this post. I too am having the same problem and cannot find a solution. You can view my page at
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