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Well, I was using the Unlist function as a delete function for the people running it. That way I can recover what they "delete" by reimporting it if necessary. Having it rename the folder to unlisted_xxxx where xxxx was the previous name would just make it easier to find galleries that have been "deleted" via unlist. I could then decide what's old enough to delete and which I should keep around in case the need for recovery arrises... I don't want to make clients rename stuff before they delete it. Doesn't make much sense to the client.

But I suppose that'd be too good to be true ;) Thanks anyhow!


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That did it! Thanks so much.


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I was wondering if it was possible to have the unlist function also rename the galleries folder to "unlisted_xxxx" where xxxx was the gallery folders original name. I am using Unlist as the delete function, in case I need to recover something later.

I am using svManager v1.2.3. Thanks!

When I unlist my galleries and then re-import them I get a 500 internal server error page when trying to 'view' them. I can't figure out why it is doing this. If I go to an address that doesn't exist, my own custom redirect kicks in. It does not do this for these galleries, though, because they do exit. What could it be?

I am using svManager v1.2.3.