My AutoViewer Pro slideshow is embedded in my Flash site. I'd like to have a button in my main .fla link to a specific XML-loaded image in my slideshow.

Is this possible?


Great tutorial, thanks. Now, is there a way to embed the .swf generated by svManager into a parent .swf? I'm building a Flash site for a client and I'd like him to be able to generate his own galleries with svManager, then publish them to his site. Is this possible? Thanks.


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I'm digging up this old post as I have a similar question- how to jump to a specific image in a gallery, in a multiple galleries .swf embedded in a .fla. Ideally the jump would be triggered by a button in the .fla.

Is there a way to add anchors to the XML sheet?


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That's how I did it at least- just repositioned the Caption movie clip in autoviewer.fla so it was exactly where I wanted it. You can also style your type in Caption mc, i.e. size, line-height, font, etc. Check it out:
www bradeller com/new

Now my question is how to change the caption positioning based on the image it's associated with! I.e. if my image is 500px x 500px, I want the X-position of the caption to be at 510px, making a 10px gutter (padding). But if my image is only say, 250px wide, then I want the caption at 260px. Any ideas?

I recently posted this question in the Autoviewer-Pro forum but all views, no talk. Maybe it's bad form to hijack this thread and re-post my question, but hey, maybe this helps the OP ;-)

I'm building a portfolio site with several different galleries: web, interactive, print, etc. Most images are sized 500px x 500px, captions positioned to the right, with a 10px gutter.

The print gallery will be mostly posters, so the images are more vertical than square. This poses a problem because the image may only be 200px in width, but the caption is still positioned as if it were 500px. So the gutter is ridiculously huge. Check out Work/Print to see what I mean:
www bradeller com/new

Is there any way to force the print gallery to use a different autoviewer.swf so I can adjust the caption? Or maybe a smarter way?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated- I'm running out of ideas...Thanks!

In, changed this:

        //layout controls        
        var btnW = mBackBtn.width;
        mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(Math.round(Options.controlsHPadding + btnW/2),Math.round(h/2));
        mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(Math.round(w - btnW/2 - Options.controlsHPadding),Math.round(h /2));
        mPlayBtn.setBtnPosn(w/2,h - Options.controlsVPadding - btnW/2);

to this:

        //layout controls        
        var btnW = mBackBtn.width;
        mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(Math.round(Options.controlsHPadding + btnW/2),Math.round(h/2));
        //back button hit area size: X,Y)
        //back button hit area positioning: X,Y)
        mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(Math.round(w - btnW/2 - Options.controlsHPadding),Math.round(h /2));
        //next button hit area size: X,Y)
        //next button hit area positioning: X,Y)

A little heavy handed as it breaks all that nice math, but for my purposes it's perfect.

maxImageHeight="500" stagePadding="0"

But still nothing...Any ideas anyone?
That web address one more time:
www bradeller com/new


Refer to the multiple_galleries.fla included in examples/Flash Embed. Mirror the folder structure there. Don't forget the .xml file and your images folder.

Maybe it's the way the images are vertically centered in It's got to be something in that script, right?


I'm having an issue with the hit area of my forward and back buttons in the viewer.swf embedded in my .fla file. My viewer is 500px height by 1040 width, and it's positioned perfectly in my fla. The problem is the hit area does not correspond with these dimensions and actually seems to have shifted toward the top. So hovering above (outside) the viewer area actually triggers the buttons, while a good 1/3 of the bottom viewer area is unresponsive.

It's sort of difficult to convey this issue, so here's a link to my working beta site. Hover your mouse above and below the viewer area to replicate my problem: www bradeller com/new

I want the hit area to completely cover my entire viewer area, but not extend beyond it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!