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OK, after following your instructions, now I'm successfully seeing the site in Chrome, but that does nothing for potential visitors with the "wrong" browser. (Safari still doesn't work.)

Seems like a lot to ask of visitors.

I'll approach the web site owners about looking for another gallery solution.

Upgrading the plugin didn't make any difference in Safari.

The default setting on these browsers is to reject flash? Why does youtube work?

Could it be a theme conflict?

Ah well.


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I don't think it's the browsers. They're up to date.

A question about updating to from to - when I delete the old version to install the new version, will I lose my galleries and settings? I have the Pro svcore directory saved.

Worth a try to update, I guess...

Here are two screenshots in Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit). "Google Chrome is up to date."

On larger slideshows, just the thumbnails appear, no main image.

On opening the Home page (2 images in the slideshow), two distorted thumbnails appear on the left.
Click the slideshow, and everything fine.

If it helps, here are the settings for the Home page, and the larger gallery in the screenshot examples:

Hoping these screenshots appear in this post...

Thanks for your detailed help, Steven.


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Our slideshows are not working (on an iMac OS version 10.12.4 using current versions of Chrome and Safari) and I don't know why.
However it looks OK in Firefox.

I am running Wordpress 4.7.5
In my Plugins, I see I have WP-SimpleViewer Version but there's no alert to Update.
On your WP-SimpleViewer Wordpress Plugin page it says the current version is

Would doing the update fix the problem?

Have I somehow lost my Pro status?



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Turned out to be a theme conflict, with Pinboard, to be specific.

I replaced the config.php in the plugin, but the galleries still didn't show.

After updating the theme, still no change, then...

Switched to a theme called Modularity Lite, and I'm back in business!

Close enough, maybe even better than the old look.

Thanks for your attention.


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I have a site with multiple simpleviewer pro galleries.

All galleries stopped working after a recent update:


I now have Wordpress 4.1, the simpleviewer plugin, and the simpleviewer_pro_2.3.2’s svcore replacing the free version’s svcore directory.

The plugin had been working fine for about a year, up to this update.

I got through a previous update without incident.

I now get this instead of my galleries: “Cannot Parse Gallery XML”.

When I pull the code for just the gallery:

http://www.backroadsproductions.com/wp- … llery_id=1

… and put it in a (Firefox) browser window by itself, I get "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.”

The galleries are also broken in Safari, and Chrome (I’m on a Mac).


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I'm using "header" and "footer" to add navigation to multiple galleries, but I can't get rid of the extra space at the top of the browser window.


blackscrossing com/weba/index4 html

Thanks for any help ...