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And you can see how I would like my galleries to scale as you scale the window here :
icimarc sbzhost com



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Hi Felix and thank you for the quick answer !

I've done like you said :

-delete _global.SVStageWidth = 640;
_global.SVStageHeight = 420;

- Move mcloader to x=0 y=o

But its still not working. Ive put false in the fixedlayout but still not working.

You can see it here : icimarc sbzhost com/test%20web/multiple_galleries html

You'll also see that the height of my images are downscaled...

Thanks for helping


Hi !

In the multiple_galleries.fla exemple, there is the gallery 1 button and the gallery 2 button witch call into the loader our gallery, sized to 640 x 480.

How can we tell flash to call the gallery into the loader or not but WITH  dynamic resizing based on browser window size ?

I know that we can tell flash to publish the swf to fit at 100% the window but how to do that for both levels ?

Thanks !