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Another issue with the Navigation Arrows:

In one of the threads, in response to question of resizing and positioning the prev/next buttons, Felix mentioned that "The image buttons hitArea sizes are set in the ImageArea class, in the setSize() function."

I've found this info in the "ImageArea.as" file, but I'm unsure how to interpret it. What do these values mean and if I wanted to position the prev/next buttons to display and remain static under thumbnails what would I plug in?

//image nav hit areas remain same size as imageArea
mNextBtn.setHitSize(mWidth/3+ fw,mHeight);

Is it possible to have static Prev/Next buttons located under the thumbs? I've scoured the threads but couldn't find an answer. Most of the people looking to move the buttons wanted to move them just outside of the image area, I'd like to move them under the thumbnails.


Would it be possible to use the Thumbnail navigation arrows for Main Image navigation instead?

Either way, I'd like to get some insight.

Thanks so much!


(7 replies, posted in SimpleViewer-Pro v1)

Solved! Thanks Felix!



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How do I change the color of the image navigation buttons without changing the image frame and thumb frame color as well?

I like the black border I currently have on on my main images and thumbs, but the all-black image nav arrows disappear in some of my darker images. Ideally, I'd like to be able to make them dark grey.

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