I'm using the autoplay function on Simpleviewer Pro 1.9.  I'd like to be able to have the autoplay continue to cycle the images, even after the next or back button has been clicked.  Has anyone done this before, and or suggest an appropriate action script edit? (or maybe I'm over looking an inherent option!?).

Thanks in advance!


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Hi.  Just thought I'd share a work around that I've implemented.  It's a bit raw, but does the trick for me.

Simply create a transparent gif image (1px x 1px will do)...and make sure it is completely transparent (i.e opacity at 0%).

In the XML caption tag for the image use the CDATA structure to allow html and wrap your link around the stretched transparent gif

I tried to put a code example, but because I'm new it wouldn't let me.  Hopefully it makes sense from the description.

The link doesn't cover the entire pic, but still a large chunk.

An example here : web-o-matic co nz/our-work

Hopefully someone use will also find a use for this :)