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just successfully upgraded to Flashplayer 10 in IE 7 on XPpro and am still experiencing the same problem.

I have just checked in IE8 on Vista and everything is fine.

thanks for taking an interest,


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yep that's right,

if I navigate to the page you provided I get a blank screen the first time, then I hit Refresh and the gallery loads.


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That's good to know, I'm using IE7 (7.0.5730.13)

I tried a friends site as well and experienced similar issues.

www patrickrodriguezphotography com/page11/index.html

Click menu item once nothing
Click again gallery loads

Maybe it is just my setup, but I suspect it's not that unusual. Just wondering if other SV / IE issues exist?



I have created a couple of galleries using SV pro and svManager and I am finding that the first time a page loads in IE the viewer doesn't progress through to the images. If the page is loaded again everything is fine.

This only occurs in IE, try
www cursorctrl com/advertising/
www garygross com.au/advertising/

Has anyone encountered this before?

please help...

I'll post my own reply then. In image.as, function showImage() I added the line...


and in function onFadeWaitDone()


pretty easy really, sorry to have posted it


Hello, I am loading a .swf in my galleries which has some timeline animation that I only want to play when it is being viewed.

As SimpleViewer preloads everything the animation has already played through before I view it.

I suppose I want the viewer.swf to trigger a play() event on the loaded .swf once the file is in focus.

not sure where to start, any ideas greatly appreciated.