It's still not working in PS CS2.

Felix, any progress on this problem? Also, what are the other options. Blind tabbing isn't going to work if I don't know what I'm tabbing too...

Search the forum for vertical scrolling. I can't post links yet, but you'll find a way to do it...


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Have you looked at the configuration options? Be creative.

I can't post a link here yet, so this will have to do. Look for Background options on the forum and you'll find a thread that will tell you how to use transparency. Good luck.

The only thing that gets copied to the SCRIPTS directory is the postcardviewer.jsx file.

All of the other files should be copied to the output directory you specify when you run the script. Then the index.html file will be used on your site to display the gallery.

Hope this helps someone else.


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You dont need an iframe, if your still having problems let me know and i can tell you how i did it.
I know im having a few issues with simple viewer but im sure they will be resolved.

Please post your technique here for all to see.

And I still can't see the menu. Is there a screen snapshot somewhere of what the menu should look like? That way I can at least complete the menu by tabbing until this is fixed. Perhaps if the popup menu had columns for the data to enter, the menu popup would fit on smaller screens.

When I install the script into CS2, I get a menu item under scripts of


in addition to postcard viewer menu item. Any ideas what's going on and how to get rid of it?