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In include/constants.php I changed

define('NEW_GALLERY_CHMOD', false);


define('NEW_GALLERY_CHMOD', true);

and now the gallery is running:  www enbsp com/svmanager2/g2/

Thank you very much!!!


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Thanks for the new version but the index.php of the gallery doesn't run.

This is the link to the new test gallery: www enbsp com/svmanager2/g1/

In this gallery the index.php has permission 666 and I understood that on my server this permission doesn't permit to run the index.php.


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The server is a Linux server and the svmtest shown all green points.

I don't know is the new files are set by the user mask or umask setting and I don't know how to verify this...


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I changed in constants.php "false" to "true" the new gallery chmod but the folder of the new gallery takes permission 755 and index.php takes still 666.

My server doesn't show the page index.php with permission 666.

Exist a solution for to set permission 755 to index.php, or a server configuration (.htaccess or similar) to visualize the page index.php with permission 666?

Sorry for my english... but my first language is napoletan.


When I create a gallery with svManager, the permission of the index.php file in the gallery folder (example: g1, g2, etc.) is 666 and when I try to visualize this page, I receive the following message:

500 - Internal Server Error
If you are the webmaster of this site please log in to Cpanel and check the Error Logs. You will find the exact reason for this error there.
Common reasons for this error are:
Incorrect file/directory permissions: Above 755.
In order files to be processed by the webserver, their permissions have to be equal or below 755. You can update file permissions with a FTP client or through cPanel's File Manager.
Incorrect Apache directives inside .htaccess file.
Make sure you have not specified unsupported directives inside the local .htaccess file. Such include PHP settings and Apache module settings.

Now if I set manually, via FTP, the permissin of index.php to 755, I can watch the gallery but if I modify the includes/constants.php to try to set the permission on 755 without my ftp setting, the setting doesn't happen.

What I should change to have an automatic set of index.php of the gallery to 755?

This www enbsp com/svmanager/g3/ is a gallery with permission of index.php on 755.

This www enbsp com/svmanager/g4/ is a gallery with permission of index.php on 666.