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I need the same functionality, however I've paid for Simpleviewer-pro.

I'm just waiting for my download link for the most up to date version, then I will post a tutorial in the Simpleviewer-pro thread on how to do what you require. I've already done what we require with the source code in an earlier version, but obviously don't want to post about that as it's out of date.

To be perfectly honest, for the very modest fee of $40, guys, it's really worth paying for the pro version and customising it.

I can guarantee that what you require can be done...


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Apparently Google can index flash files and their content...

Shocked? :shock: So was I! www searchengineworkshops com/articles/flash html

I was thinking that you could parse the xml file with php or ajax or something similar, create a hidden div and put all the thumbnails (linked to the images) and captions in there... Quite bandwidth heavy I know, but it's a solution.

Doing it this way means that you could also create a gallery to be shown if your user has flash turned off, creating a graceful degradation to your site! :D

I'm building a site at the moment which has to be accessible friendly, which means that the image links and captions will have to be readable by a screen reader. I'm in a lucky position as I'm marrying Simpleviewer, Autoviewer and Plogger (a cms), so I generate the xml as it's used, and can therefore put the captions in the page with php.