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Hi Jack,

Sorry about taking so long to reply this, I finally discovered the problem, it wasn't on your end at all, the name servers were supposed to have been changed to point to the correct server but they weren't correctly. Which explains the lack of any error messages or anything. Since we've got that all fixed the full test runs perfectly. Thanks a million for all the help and advice, and sorry to have caused so much hassle.



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Ive managed to get into the server error logs but cant find anything that matches the domain name or my IP address, so still havent gotten much closer.

These two error messages seem like the most likely to be relevant:
Premature end of script headers: icad.pl
Premature end of script headers: 500.php

Dont know if that helps any but thought there was no harm in sharing.



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hi Jack,

I cant find the server logs through FTP, and had a look through the cPanel for them too, but couldnt find anything that seemed right. Ive contacted the hosting provider to get help, but if you have any other bright ideas in the meantime Ill happily try them out....

It seemed odd to me not to get an error message too, but I just tried the upload test again to be sure and nothing at all appears except the 3mb limit message. Sorry!


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Hi Jack,

Thanks for that but I never got any message about the uploaded images, and I just checked the uploads folder and its completely empty.

Any other suggestions I could try out would be great thanks



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Im having a problem with the Upload Test for svManager. Ive been through the first two stages of the test program with no problems, but when I try to use the upload applet I cant upload anything. I upgraded to the latest version of Java, restarted my browser, and tried refreshing my browser after trying an upload, and nothings seems to have helped.

The upload process works to a point, I can select an image (I tried with a very low res image) and open in and I get the progress bar, and when its finished progressing the progress box disappears and I go back to the empty upload box, with nothing indicating that the file was uploaded in any way.

Im using Firefox version 3.0.9 if that helps at ll. Any suggestions you can offer would be great thanks,