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Is there any advantage to doing it with an index.php file over an index.html file?

I actually did just that, but with html.

See jeffneely dot net.


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Right, I think I'm getting it. Let's look at it from a site visitor perspective. When the user types www yoursite com into her browser, what would you like her to see? Would you like the gallery to come up right there and then or a home page with a link to the gallery?

If you want the former option – that is the gallery itself is the home page, then I think a redirect may be the answer. But let's be clear what the aim is before I ramble off in that direction.


I am trying to do the former and I'm afraid I've screwed up many things in my gallery doing so. Is there a simple way to make your gallery your home page? I thought putting the index php file on the root would do it. But apparently not.