its very strange, but when i preview my site, by clicking on the index.html file on my computer, the images are larger than when i view the page live on my site.

i used the plugin from iphoto, and set the output to 800.

any ideas?



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hi. All i want to do, is make a hyperlink that takes you back to home page. i want it to look exactly like the default type (arial i think) and be near the default 'title'

here is what i was told to do

Open index.htm in your htm editor or notepad
insert <a href=" www dot yourhomepage dot com >HOME</a> (where HOME is the displayed link)
anywhere in the code before </body>

but it puts the link at the top left and in an ugly font.

what can i do?



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Hi I have just downloaded simpleviewer and have a couple quick

im working on a mac, in iweb. i love the way simpleviewer displays photos,
however, is there a simple way to add type? ( i know nothing about code)
or change the background color?

and if i upgrade to Pro, would it make these types of changes easier? and
can i still use it with iphoto?

thanks so much


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Hi. im wondering if there is an EASY way to add type to the gallery. (I know nothing about code)

if i upgrade to Pro, is this easier?