What I would like to do is have a custom index that can show multiple galleries ... I know this is a little ambiguous so here's my example.

I shoot a number of different bands so what I would like to do is have a link on my site

// bands

which links to an index of different galleries for each band.  Is there a simple way to do this?  Should I just have multiple svmanager's installed in all the directories I want to have multiple galleries for a project?  I.e., bands, flowers vs bugs, portraits vs landscape, etc



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Issue resolved.

There was one setting within HotLink protection that was causing the issue.

Just an FYI, hotlink protection can be used but you just have to enable "direct link" use.  I.e., if you know the exact path on the file server of the image then you can navigate to it or in the case of tiltviewer allow it to use it to produce the image.

Thanks for the support guys :)


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I'm not certain.  I went in to the HotLink protection and verified that it *is* on.

So you're saying you've got both galleries in a Mac based Firefox?

let me verify tonight and we could be golden :)

thanks for all the support!



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The web host came back and indicated they checked my site up and down and could not find any reason why the images aren't loaded on Firefox operated on Macs.

So ... what am I supposed to do now?  I've got a product that is only working for me 50% of the time.

Looking forward to your response,



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They were a little more reasonable when I questioned whether or not I should main them as my webhost going forward.

Will update later



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Here is the response from my webhost:

"Sorry, but this is an issue with your website not the hosting we provide.  We can't trouble shoot website problems for our clients, since we didn't design your site or know the program/software you are using.  We can only help if there are issues pertaining to the hosting or the servers.  This is clearly not one of those issues.  Also, we are not trained in Mac's."



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How are you accessing the images directly?  I tried to navigate to /fotos/images/file.jpg (example) and got a 403 and a 404.  Maybe I'm typing the path incorrectly.

I checked out the permissions on /images and everything looks choice.

I'll email tech support and see what's up.

PS ... I got the 403/404 in both Mac Firefox AND Mac Safari.


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what could be wrong with the viewers?  That stuff is all packaged by default in svManager right?

Did I get a corrupt download from your server or something?


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I'll have to check on Safari tonight.

Just an FYI, simpleview shows up wonderfully on my crappy PC at work.  There are no X's or flickering, just a nice tasteful gallery of 4 images from San Fracnscio.

Will report back on Safari tonight.


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Here's the gallery.php for the simeview gallery I created on your prompt -

the images do not show up in this gallery either.  they show up as X's


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<simpleviewergallery maxImageWidth = "640" maxImageHeight = "480" textColor = "0xFFFFFF" frameColor = "0xFFFFFF" frameWidth = "20" stagePadding = "40" thumbnailColumns = "3" thumbnailRows = "3" navPosition = "left" enableRightClickOpen = "1" backgroundImagePath = "" imagePath = "" thumbPath = "" navPadding = "40" vAlign = "center" hAlign = "center" title = "New SimpleViewer Gallery">


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Okay so really weird ... it's works on my PC at work but not on either of my Intel MACs which I did the installation from last night.

The images are a little funky.  Jittery and flickering.

I've got the newest version of Flash on both my Macs -- confusssing!

So it sort of works in IE but not in Mac based Firefox (3.x.x).




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No error messages.

The images show up in the gallery editor

no idea ...

i noticed that i was putting in the "old password" and entering a "new" password and the "re-enter" new password but was leaving "new user name" blank ...

that caused the issue.

you have to enter

old pwd: xxxx
new user: admin
new pwd: xxxx
re-enter:  xxxx


that should fix it


You have to put "admin" or another username in the "New username" field to make this work :)


i have a similar issue ... after changing password from default to a new password, logging out and coming back the password i changed it to doesn't work...then i upload the auth file, do it again, and it does it again...



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After purchasing and installed svmanager (tested successfully) on my website.  I changed admin pwd, then created a gallery, then added photos.  When I attempt to view the gallery all I get is the black screen.

I used svmanager to create a tiltview gallery

No tiles .. nothing ...

any idea?