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Dear Miker,

thanks a lot for your answer! :D I'll try it today.

Greatings from Austria.


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Hi Felix, hi brainchan,

could anybody be so kind and give me a (brief) answer?

I would be happy, if I could run tiltviewer. I just have no idea, where exactly I have to put the path where Tiltviewer.swf is located. Maybe you could send me the hole index.html-code (if I have to set the path in the index.html)?

Thanks for your help.


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I use webnode cms for my website (see on www sinn or at) an try to use this fantastic feature tiltviewer. I have got the same problem as there is very often described in this forum: tilt viewer works perfect with flickr local, but not online - get the known message (Tiltviewer requires Java script ....).

Reading this forum I've got the idea that I have to change the entry in the index.html to tell where tiltviewer is located, but I have no idea wich entry exactly I have to change and how. Maybe the problem needs another solution. However, I need help.

As soon as it works online of course I will buy the professionel version - good software has to be payed. But first I hope you can help me.

Many thanks


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hei felix

i put tiltviewer in a relative path like this
if i try the same with the swfobject.js then i get the error message

Hi Brainchan and hi Felix,

it seems you are both very familiar with tiltviewer. Can you tell me where in the index.html you exactly write the relative path for tiltviewer in?

I ask because I work with webnode cms. Although I have tiltviewer and index.html and swfobject in the same directory I get the known message (you need flash...). Maybe a relative path will solve my problem.

Thanks for your help.

Btw: Tiltviewer is really a great tool! Thanks for it!