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I realize axelhess is perhaps no longer interested in the answer, but, I too, am interested in the product and am having the same problems (muted colors when I create the gallery). 

(If it's of help, I had the same trouble with CS3 when "Save for Web & Devices."  Found I had to calibrate my monitor color, then assign that profile to the image before saving in order to get the colors right.  Just wondering if the issues might be related.  Perhaps the way AutoViewer is creating the gallery runs up against the same CS3 bug that caused my muted colors on saving...?)

Hi All~

I just started playing around with AutoViewer, which I really like overall. 
There are a few things l'd like to customize (not least of which is getting rid of captions and those file numbers in the upper right corners).

Looks like to get rid of those I need to upgrade to "-Pro"

But in looking at the documentation for -Pro, it looks like to do some of this I will need to "edit the autoviewer.fla file."

Does this mean I need to own Flash (the program, not the player)?  How else does one edit a .fla file?