Thanks Steven

Works fine...



I'm creating a webpage with a javascript menu which works fine on it's own:

As soon as I add SimpleViewer 2.1.1 it doesn't work anymore. It's expanded and that's it:

I have read around the Internet and couldn't find a solution. I'm not a developer as well. So it's difficult for me. Maybe someone has a solution or a working menu similar to mine.




Thanks Mike, it works fine.

Just updated the Index.htm with this

<style type="text/css">
body {
    background-color: #000000;
                overflow: hidden;

I have the issue that I get always a vertical scroll bar in IE 8, no matter how big the screen size is.

Is there a way to get rid of it?

A sample can be found here:
The other pages were made with an older version of AutoViewer and there it worked.

It's especially a problem, if the user wants to browse through the images with the mouse.

The rest is amazing and I'm very happy to have this script.



85mm - Street Photography

Using AutoViewer in a HTML page there are no scroll bars on the side in FireFox (Windows) and Safari (Mac).

Does anyone know what can be done that this is not happening?