Thanks for all your help Steve. I have everything working as it should. I had to remove the svscore folder in the SV2 plugin's folder and recreate the galleries with the settings how I need them, and everything looks good.

It would be nice to see th Mobile options area to have more features though!

Oh. I uploaded the new files to the svscore root folder not the design galleries. I will try in the morning. Thanks.

New screen shot of iPad:

The above image is showing the direct link to the gallery. I've uploaded the svscore folder and am not using any custom CSS.

The badge continues to show.

Here's a screen shot from my iPhone:

Here's a screen shot from my iPad:

Here's a screen shot from my friends iPad who's never been to my site until a few minutes ago:

As you can see the Simple Viewer Badge is showing up on the iPad and the captions aren't showing up on the iPhone.

I've tested it on my iPhone and my wife's iPhone and the badge is not there. But when I test on my iPad it's there. I cleared the cache, history, cookies and restarted the iPad, but it's still there.

Does the iPad use a different display code than the iPhone's and iPods? Also on the iPad the Captions show, but not on iPhones.

Thanks again Steve. The whole URL/Linking thing seems a bit confusing and unclear for an average user. Maybe in a future release there can be tips/descriptions built into the svManager?

Anyway I got it working. I have both "Auto caption links" and "Show open button" unchecked and in the first text field of each image capture I put this code "<a href="" target="_blank"> - (Custom HTML, CSS & PHP)</a>" and it seems to work good.

It would be nice if the top text field was text only, the bottom the URL link and a box for target type (i.e. - _blank, etc.)
Keep in mind I use svManager and SimpleViewer for my clients sites for them to upload an manager their own photos.

As far as the SV badge, I've done what the link said you provided, but on an iPhone or iPad (where to SWF is used) the SimpleViewer badge is still displayed. Please confirm, thanks!


Also when viewing on an iPhone or iPad the simple viewer logo is in the bottom right corner. What pro file do I need to replace to remove that?

thanks for the quick reply. The iframe ie issue is fixed, thanks for that. Even in IE 9 it didn't work :(, but it's all good now!

As far as the linking issue, I'm still having problems. I read the link but it doesn't seem to be working.

For example, which button should be clicked in this image so the links work?

Here's the current layout:

When I turn on "Show Open Button" tis icon appears and when you right click on an image it appears and says "Open image in new window." But the URL in the above image opens not the image.

I'm a little lost. Thanks for your help.

Hi All, I'm running the newest version of Simple Viewer Pro and SVManager with Joomla 1.5 -  have the gallery being displayed through an iFrame. Look here: … Itemid=458

In Chrome, Firefox and Safari there's no problem with the background transparency, only in all versions of IE.

All browsers are not linking the URLs though. Any ideas? Thanks!

Thanks again Mike, always the big help! That's what I thought would be the easiest too, but was just wondering if you could do it within the XML file. Thanks again :)

How do I set the same caption to show for every image, without having to copy and paste the same text 100's of times?

You're da Man Mike! Thanks!
Not sure how I missed that, but it works great now. Thanks for your help!

All that did was changed the spacing around the thumbnails and main image. It still doesn't reveal the hidden thumbnails or enloarge any images.

Can I get help with this one please? I'm stuck.

thanks, but all that does, is cut off the images and text. There's space around the flash movie, but it's funky.

take a look: www jdinflatables com / new / Giant_Inflatable_Replicas /

I have Simple Viewer Pro and am trying to make the "small" example with a few modifications work on my site.

(Since I can't link a site, the example is at: "this website" fwd "simpleviewer" fwd "examples" fwd "small")

Anyway, the width is 680 and I want it to be 900px. When I change the value in the HTML code the div table enlarges, but the images do not.

I've also changed the code in the gallery.xml but still no luck.

I also want the area to be filled with more thumbnails since 900px opens a larger area up.

What am I doing wrong? Thx