Thanks to you guys at Airtight for the great photo viewing tool.  I implemented it into my webpage and with a little help here on the support forum, had everything up and running in no time.  You guys are great!

Check out the gallery when you get a chance!  It looks great on my site and blends in well with the layout.
Photography by Bryan Fisher


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So, it still freezes up on the same image location.  I have resized my thumbnails and that didn't help.  I have tried to replace the image with another one, but it still freezes on the same space on the left hand column.  This means it is not the picture, but rather the location.

Should I reply with my code to see if its anything in there?  I really don't think it is.  I have looked at it many times.


Fixed it.  Was a server issue.  I had to upload and overwrite everything for it to work.  Thanks.


(3 replies, posted in SimpleViewer v1) thumbnails are actually 70px long.  I will change them and see if it freezes!  Thank you.


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I have installed simpleviewer on my website (it is a great and wonderful program btw! kudos!) and it freezes on a particular image every time.  On my website, it is the 3rd photo down in the left column.  I don't know what is going on, so maybe you could have a look and see.  Included is my web code if you need to take a look at that.  Thanks for all the help and the great program!

www bfishphoto com/gallery_d/gallery html (replace spaces with dots)