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Thanks Felix

I wasn't using svbuilder.  I tried it and realised that I had fixedLayout="TRUE" not useFixedLayout="TRUE" in the XML.

I have now positioned everything and it looks great in Firefox but has a wider space to the right in IE of the main image.



(2 replies, posted in SimpleViewer-Pro v2)

I am upgrading to Simpleviewer Pro v2.0 and want to use the fixedLayout options to position my captions in the correct place.

Using the standard options I can create a layout of centered title, centered image underneath, horizontal tumbnails with nav buttons either side under the image then centered caption under the thumbnails. 

However my client requires the caption to be between the image and the thumbnails. 

I have tried specifying setting fixedLayout="TRUE" and adjusting the captionX, captionY and thumbnail positions in my gallery.XML but their positions don't change.  Am I doing something wrong?



Thanks Miker

I will take a look at the Gallery site and see how they do it. 


All the folders pre exist on the server but the webfiles is the root for the website.  I wanted to place the galleries outside the webroot for security mainly.  It just seems like simpleviewer doesn't like to go outside the webroot directory to find the files.

The file with the simpleviewer in it is actually a php file not a static html file, I forgot to mention that.


Hi There
I am having problems with simpleviewer picking up a gallery located outside of the same folder as the html page.

The file structure looks like:

            -viewgallery.html  (contains the viewer) 

In the HTML:
fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "../../gallery1/gallery.xml");

and in the gallery.xml:

imagePath = "../../gallery1/images/" thumbPath = "../../gallery1/thumbs/"

If I move the files to the same as HTML file, to folders below the HTML folder, or to one directory above, so ../gallery.xml, and change the corresponding values mentioned above it works fine.

Am I specifying the relative paths wrong?  A direct path isn't working either.

I am using simpleviewer-pro


At least I wasn't going mad! 
I am building a website for a client so it is up to them if they want to by the svmanager.  I will ask them. I would prefer not to have a copy of the script in each gallery from a maintenance point of view.

Thanks for the reply.
The permissions are ok.  I did check that but was pretty sure that it was ok because I can write the gallery.xml and thumbs folders.  It is only when I specify a relative image path that I see any problems.  If I have the buildGallery script in the same folder as the images folder then it works fine.

My file strucure is as follows:

myGalleries (contains the buildGallery.php script, simpleviewer)

I pass in the gallery1/images to the image path field in the buildgallery form (which should write it to the xml file right?) and edited the script to specify the path of where to put gallery.xml file and paths for the images and thumbs directories. It is obviously finding the images because it generates the thumbs folder and the thumbnails within it. However the xml looks like:
<simpleviewergallery maxImageWidth = "640" maxImageHeight = "640" textColor = "0xffffff" frameColor = "0xffffff" frameWidth = "20" stagePadding = "40" navPadding = "40" thumbnailColumns = "3" thumbnailRows = "4" navPosition = "left" title = "SimpleViewer Title" enableRightClickOpen = "true" backgroundImagePath = "" imagePath = "" thumbPath = "gallery1/thumbs/" hAlign = "center" vAlign = "center">

Does that make my problem any clearer?  Eventually I want to have multiple galleries but only one buildGallery script in the parent myGalleries folder.



I have just started using Simpleviewer and am trying to build a gallery and associated xml file using the beta version of buildGallery.php 2.0.0

I am trying to specifiy a relative imagePath by input into the Image Path field of the form but it gives me the following error when I run the build:

Error: the image directory images/ cannot be found (line 227)

The path is correct - if I leave the field blank and edit the generated xml directly and insert the path into imagepath="", then the gallery loads ok.  Interestingly I don't get the same error if I specify the relative path for the thumb path field (leaving the image path field blank).  In the gallery.xml file the correct thumbpath="relativepath/thumbs" has been inserted.

Is this something that anyone else has noticed?
Thanks for your time...