initially, i did as felix suggested with the last stage of watusee, but this had the same error.

if anyone is reading this, simply do just as watusee has described.... somehwhere there is a subtle difference, as i merely pasted over what i'd already done with watusee's verbatim and it worked a charm

many thanks to all

you guys rock!

You guys are not alone, i followed the code to the letter and unfortunately have exactly the same two error msgs as you - ie with the x and

**Error** Line 303: There is no property with the name '_x'.
        mCaption_mc._x = mImageArea._x + x; 

**Error** Line 304: There is no property with the name '_y'.
        mCaption_mc._y = mImageArea._y + y; 

Total ActionScript Errors: 2      Reported Errors: 2

i'm pulling my hair out over this one, so if anyone has figured out a way, please let us know.


private function resizeImageNavButtons(){           
        //show image nav buttons if image is loaded and not an error   
        if (mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].loaded && !mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageLoadError){
            mButtonHolder_mc._visible = true;               
            var w = mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageWidth;
            var h = mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageHeight;       
            var imgx = mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageX;
            var imgy = mImages[mCurrentImageIndex].imageY;       
            var fw = mXMLManager.frameWidth;           
            var btnW = mBackBtn.btnWidth;                               
            // old text taken out to allow caption under image
            // BackBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx,imgy + h/2  - btnW/2);       
            // mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx + w - btnW,imgy + h/2  - btnW/2);       
            // everything below until the else sign is new
             mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx -fw + btnW,imgy + h  + btnW );     
             mBackBtn.setHitPosn(imgx - fw - btnW,imgy +h + btnW/2);
             mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx + w  - btnW,imgy + h  + btnW );     
             mNextBtn.setHitPosn(imgx + fw + w*2/3 +btnW,imgy + h + btnW/2 );
            mButtonHolder_mc._visible = false;

i just tried to reply but got a general error???

anyway, fingers crossed for the second time around

basically, i have the same issue as per his Q1 in that i'd like to move the caption under the images rather than the thumbs.  however after making your suggested changes, recompiling the viewer.swf and replacing the old viewer with the new, i can't see any difference??

can you please tell me where i'm going wrong?

i assume my error  was due to my code and so, i'll post that seperately

many thanks in advance