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Okay!  A temporary fix to this problem - moved all the image data over to flickr and linked the files to flickr.  Works in Firefox, IE, and Chrome now.  I'm going to try and find a different host for the flash and image data.  That tells me it had something to do with timing out.

miker, AllowScriptAccess never changed anything.   Thanks anyways for trying.  I appreciate it!


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It's a wordpress ( . com) page.  You can't directly embed flash into a page/post on Wordpress unless you host the site yourself - and even then from my reading you need plugins such as nextgen-flashviewer.  There is a way using a service called Vodpod (essentially, a plugin) to embed flash within the site.  The flash code is not actually embedded directly into wordpress.  I, believe, nextgen-flashviewer is only available for the sites you host yourself.  (wordpress . org)

I have three galleries on that site.  One works correctly using any browser and the configuration is identical between them all. The only differences is the number of images and paths to the image data.  I don't think it's configuration or path related as Firefox loads all of them fine.  If I view them at the site hosting the flash code (t35 . com) using IE only the one loads up (same as viewed from the wordpress page).   I don't believe it is actually anything to do with Wordpress or Vodpod.  As far as I can tell it's either autoviewer or the hosting site being slow and differing timeouts between browsers.  I'm leaning towards the latter and don't expect much help here *if* it's that, but hoping if someone else had similar problems to this on here they may have found a workaround.

Thanks for the tip


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Okay... having a wee tiny problem using Autoviewer embedded in my wordpress page.  The images load up in Firefox, but not in IE or Safari.  Given the domination IE still has in market share I'd certainly prefer it to show up in IE.  Using IE or Safari only the X's show up.  This could be a hosting issue as I don't think the host I'm using for my images is that fast.  Could simply be an issue of timing out.  I'm using t35 com to host them.

The site's address is davidwarrenphotography wordpress com.  Would love for any thoughts on the matter.  It's only a personal blog and it isn't a tremendous issue ... but. ...  If it's a hosting issue I would love  to know of options for any other good sites that are free.   I'm on a tight budget and can't afford to pay to put out material right now.