I did all of that, still nothing....I've tried everything I know to do and everything you guys have told me. I really appreciate the help.

ive uploaded everything in the images folder. in fact, ive uploaded every single file that was created by AutoViewer. I'm sure whatever it is it's something stupid that i am over looking

actually it's www apexrentalsandevents com/gallery.html

I'm sorry, I left the (s) off

I think they are pointing to the images. All I did was upload everything into photoshop. Then I viewed it and everything came up perfectly on my computer. Then I uploaded to GoDaddy and thats where the problem starts. I uploaded all the files created in Photoshop by AutoViewer.

I did...still nothing.

I'm having the same problem. If you go to www apexrentalsandevent com/gallery.html you will see. I use the godaddy ftp and still nothing. I am using AutoViewer and created the slide show in PhotoShop CS4. Any help would be great! Thanks!


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I'm having a problem uploading the simpleviewer to my website. Everything shows up except for the images. All I get are X's in the place of the images. Please help. For a better idea of what Im talking about, my site is www apexrentalsandevents com/gallery html