The website took me a month to be ready ! You want me to start it over again ?

If Simpleviewer is an obsolete product, you had to warn me about before I purchased it !

If there is any solution, I think it is your job (or the job of the SV developers) to provide it. Why don't you(they) provide it when you know it ?

What would you say if you had bought a really nice software for your Mac without being warned on the box that it can only be run on Windows ?!

The problem is quite the same here. I don't blame anyone.

Can you give the changes to make ?


I'm looking for the same answer !

Felix seems to be proud of its favorite sentence "Check the examples in the SV-Pro download: 'examples/Flash Embed' folder."

But he never answers to the question ! There must be way !

We've paid for the SimpleViewer Pro, we expect it to work fine !


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But Lenny did not give the answers ! I need them !

Didi you find any solution to that issue ?

I've the same issue. Can't find any solution on my own ! I'm trying to check inside source FLA.