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I have looked at the examples, and they work great - i just don't know how to look at the code or the way they have it arranged in their ftp, so it hasn't really helped.....it's still seems like a vague explanation. i must be missing some part of it. What does it mean by a menu page? Is that a html homepage that points to two different galleries? I did that. I still can't upload the galleries in separate folders and if I don't do that - one overwrites the other......


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There are many posts about this same problem. The standard answer is look at #16 in the faq. Did that - still don't get it. I've been trying to solve this for about 3 days and it's driving me crazy. I've built two separate galleries and a menu page - the problem is, when i upload to the ftp, my image and thumbs folders and gallery.xml have to be with all of the other .html files, otherwise the gallery won't show up. When I try to upload the second gallery, it ends up overwriting the other gallery because the folder names have to be the same. I've tried uploading the galleries in their own separate folders, but then they don't show up.

I had it all figured out locally, the issue is when I have to upload it to the ftp.

Any suggestions would be awesome, just not the faq #16.

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Thank you!!! I finally figured it out - even with the directions!


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I am currently trying to add two galleries to my website. I have one for design, one for illustration. Design is up and working, but I don't know how to embed a second gallery into my illustation html page.
I've created a new galleryillustration.xml document. Do I need to create a new swfobject.js? 

Does any of that make sense? I'm a total novice to this.....sorry if it didn't.

god help me.   :D