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I did get an error from setting the frameWidth to 0. That's why I changed the alpha value  for the frame in the fla file.

I've have already bought the pro version. It seems that the only place where you can modify the radius is in the image.as file. There is a line where you can edit the dimension of the image pile.

Is it possible to change the coordinate for the image pile? E.g starting from outside the stage throwing postcards into the scene?

#1 How do you preview the gallery? You have to load the index.html file to see your gallery.
#2 Have you tried to clear the cache in your browser?


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Go into the fla file and inside there you can set the alpha to 0.

Just a minor question. Is it possible to modify the radius of the pile when preloading the images?

As it is now, it looks like a stack of images spreading out. I think it could be nice if it were possible to modify the way the images appear.