hi all,
first post on here so please be gentle with me!  :oops:

i just bought downloaded and set up simple viewer pro - great piece of work it is too!

so now i am trying to get the images and captions to be passed through to my svp from an rss feed?

i managed to get this working using the freebie tiltviewer at the end of last year - but for the life of me i can't remember how i did it? i tried changing the source code/preloader to call in the rss feed - is that where i should do it or do i simply change the actual gallery.xml file to reflect the path to the rss feed?

i am thinking it is the latter as i managed to do it with the pre-published tiltviewer files - but i really can not remember what i did to get it working????

anyone done this before and can put me out of my misery? calling in images and caption from rss???

***crosses fingers and hopes so***

thanks in advance