I bought and installed SVManager on my server back in February and it worked fine. I never had any trouble at all and passed all the SVMTest tests also. Now I've decided to go back and add some new images to the galleries I created in Feb. and now (suddenly) after the upload progress bar finishes I always get a 500 Internal Server Error. The files were indeed getting uploaded, but then the error would halt everything. (I had not touched anything related to the script or server config since install.)

The funny thing is, I had 3 galleries and 2 of them still worked. I compared my settings and also checked all the permissions in FTP and they were identical. Then I accidentally updated the name of one of the "good" galleries, and it became "defective" also!

I spent an hour on the phone walking through this with my server host, and he went throught the upload process with the same results. No message appears in my server logs, and turning on DEBUG yeilds no additional info at all.

I re-ran the SVMTest script and passed everything with flying colors. I could upload files no problem.

I have since deleted all traces of SVManager from the server and uploaded the most recent version, but I still get this error, now on all galleries I create (even without changing any defaults). I have doublechecked all my permissions on the new uploades accoring to the Installation manual.

Can you tell me what I'm missing? Why would it suddenly start throwing this error?

Server Details:
Apache/Linux -- PHP 4.40, safe mode off, gd2, xml extension enabled

Thank you in advance for your assistance!