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fixed it!!

If on a mac and using Apples 'Text Edit'.....open file via the 'Open' button and check 'ignore rich text commands'

it would appear text edit can display html as a browser does, but of course it ain't got flash!!...

when this option is check it appears to open as a plain old html file!!

at last!!



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here is what I see when I open the index.html file

i161 photobucket com/albums/t222/gavinbrown3photos/htmlscreengrab jpg

(add dots where spaces are!!)

Please help!!


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whoops forgot to mention i'm on a Mac  :D

Hope somebody can still help :D


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oh and wow.....265 views and still no answer....

is this tiltviewer thingy broken?


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i'm with you on this one.....

i'm embarrassed to admit it, but i may be stupid :(

but as i understand the instructions, index.html should contain all the parameters I can edit???

i too can only see the black page....

somebody please help out :D


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Please could somebody direct me to the html file which is to be edited for configuring TiltViewer?

I have 6 items in my TiltViewer folder -

images (folder)

One would assume I need to edit index.html, but all that is contained is text about needing flash player!!

Please help!!

I apologise if i'm being beyond stupid!!