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I have searched the forums and internet and can't find anything that works.

What's more, I can't find a place to login or any login details (or purchase details) for AV-Pro, so I can't look at the example files that came bundled with the download.
My laptop died last year and all I've been able to recover are the xml / swf files I uploaded last time I was working on this.

When I paste the

<script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>
<div id="flashcontent">AutoViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. 
<a href=....

into my table and preview, it dumps the gallery over everything rendering the rest of the site useless.

Any ideas?


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for anyone interested, i found a walk around.

in the css, class id flashcontent, rather than set to 100%, reduce to 90-something until you get what you want.


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new problem now.

here's what i'm trying to do:




i'm running into one of two problems

I can either get the images to load full screen (export high res and use ImageDownScaling to fit on smaller monitors) but then it cuts off the bottom in FF & GC, IE shows a scrolling bar to see the rest and footer


i can get the full image but then the autoviewer.swf's height cant be set to 100%
at 100% it comes up super small.

any ideas?


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i saw the version i was given was 1.3 and lightroom is exporting 1.4, so i'm guessing the updates in 1.4 fixed the problem from 1.3?


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I'm building a simple site for a client, and have noticed when using the pro files he emailed me, the images are displaying slightly pixelated and unsharp, however when i export with lightroom, the images are crisp.

any idea why?

example image is below


option.as code:

    //image options
    static var enableImageDownScaling:Boolean = true; //Sets whether images are resized smaller to fit stage
    static var enableImageUpScaling:Boolean = false; //Sets whether images are resized larger to fit stage    
    static var fadeBrightness:Number = -255; //Brightness applied to non-current image (-255 = black, 255 = white)

:D my mistake, i forgot it was relative to the top left of the thumbnail - which would explain why they keep moving off the screen.

i'll play about with the figures tomorrow and see what i get.

what i meant by it not sitting right in the first place was when i loaded the external swf into the flash movie clip, it was too top heavy rather than sitting at the bottom of the mc or somewhere in the middle.

All the other swf's load fine, it's just this one that's giving me a hassle. Even after removing the resize code or TL stuff, it still wasnt having it.

this is really starting to annoy me.

it's not that the arrows move, they simply disappear.

if i move the thumbnails up, they show, move them back down and they vanish.

wX3 575dpi[dot]com / need.jpg

i'm thinking about giving up with this product. i'm not sure why it doesn't sit right in the first place, but all this moving stuff around is giving me a headache and getting me nowhere pretty fast.

thanks for that,
i've managed to get everything to align ok, but now the next/previous arrows vanish!

when the thumbs were at the top of the window, it was fine, but the moment i moved them down, the arrows went.

    //Fixed Layout Positions &#40;OPTIONAL&#41;
    //These options are only used if fixedLayout is set to true
    //ThumbArea width and Height are determined by columns, rows, thumbnailWidth, thumbnailHeight and thumbnailPadding
    static var imageAreaX&#58;Number = 140; //X posn of Image Area
    static var imageAreaY&#58;Number = 102; //Y posn of Image Area
    static var imageAreaWidth&#58;Number = 480; //width of Image Area
    static var imageAreaHeight&#58;Number = 480; //height of Image Area    
    static var thumbAreaX&#58;Number = 230; //X posn of Thumb Area
    static var thumbAreaY&#58;Number = 570; //Y posn of Thumb Area         
    static var backThumbArrowX&#58;Number = -70; //X posn of Back Thumb Arrow &#40;relative to top left of Thumb Area&#41;
    static var backThumbArrowY&#58;Number = 550; //Y posn of Back Thumb Arrow &#40;relative to top left of Thumb Area&#41;
    static var nextThumbArrowX&#58;Number = 295; //X posn of Next Thumb Arrow &#40;relative to top left of Thumb Area&#41;
    static var nextThumbArrowY&#58;Number = 550; //Y posn of Next Thumb Arrow &#40;relative to top left of Thumb Area&#41;    
    static var titleX&#58;Number = 10; //X posn of Title text
    static var titleY&#58;Number = 500; //Y posn of Title text
    static var titleWidth&#58;Number = 480; //width of Title text
    static var titleHeight&#58;Number = 20; //height of Title text        
    static var captionX&#58;Number = 10; //X posn of Title text
    static var captionY&#58;Number = 520; ///Y posn of Title text
    static var captionWidth&#58;Number = 480; //width of Title text
    static var captionHeight&#58;Number = 50; //height of Title text    
    static var downLoadLinkX&#58;Number = 600; //X posn of download link
    static var downloadLinkY&#58;Number = 600; //Y posn of download link

if that means anything to you


thanks for your reply.

i'm having issues positioning inside an swf.
i tried to post an image but i havent made 5 posts or more, so i cant, however let's hope this works:

wX3 575dpi[dot]com / want.jpg

what i get when i publish the sv swf is at the top, what i get when i load it into my movie clip is at the bottom.

which AS file do i edit to change the position?

i have created a flash website with an image gallery, the sv gallery loads into a loader, however it's not loading in the correct place. it's too far to the top and i cannot find where to move it down.

any ideas?