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Trying to change font colour to 666666, how exactly do i put in the thingy below?

static var captionTextColor:Number = null;

Sorry for being stupid, tried putting this in and my whole page stopped working.



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Thanks jeff, i will forward that link to him, still looking for some good looking sites that use simple viewer aswell though


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I have made 7 galleries in simple viewer pro for a portfolio site, but I know nothing of web design, getting the galleries embedded, etc, so i have hired a web designer to sort it all out for me.
Does anyone have example sites of embedded galleries for my designer to take a look to see what's what. He's never embedded simple viewer galleries before and wants an idea of what's what. Any help much appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply. I don't think its a problem with actually unzipping the file, its the actual content of the unzipped file. Basically you know you've got a problem when the downloaded files are only 68K.
I've emailed Felix at airtight and am waiting for a reply, even though I think i'm not supposed to ask him tech questions. I've got several friends using SimpleViewer on macs with no problem.

Apologies if i'm coming across as a bit of a tool, but I cant seem to be able to download simpleviewer from the airtight page, Im on a mac (10.4.11) The download file is a pc zip file which doesnt work. Cant seem to find any mac dmg downloads on the site. Help please