Do you have an AS3 version of the flashembed example?

Thanks but my concern is that it's not working right with just one gallery in my site.

I have purchased AutoViewer-Pro and am pretty comfortable in AS3. I am building an all-flash site for a client that will use different autoviewer galleries on different pages of the site.

When I fire up the site to test the gallery, everything loads correctly and the images show up, etc. I'll click to a different section of my site, then return to the section where the gallery is, and autoviewer loads again but the images are solid black. The next/forward buttons do show up sporadically but kind of come and go; sometimes the images wil display correctly as I flip through them but often the border has a translucency (not intended) and the images go back and forth between being black and being correct. (Not back and forth on their own, but each time I click back or next).

I plan to add a bunch more autoviewer pro galleries to this site so I need to know how to deal with this seeming display bug.

thanks so much.


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I too would like to know how to do this!