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I think i am not clear above. I have below structure in my flash movie


Each of the link has a different gallery in it. So i use different "autoviewer.swf" files which in turn use gallery.xml file. the problem is each autoviewer.swf look for gallery.xml in the root folder on the main flash movie, so i am not able to use it. the load movie command used is


I want the xml file to be searched in the "Infra" folder and not in the root directory.

Hope you can help


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I was able to successfully embed the trial version but the problem is happening when i try to embed more than one.


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Hi Miker, thanks for your reply. But problem is slightly different i am not using the gallery on different webpages, but inserting them into a flash file by using loadmovie() function. the problem is i can have the 'autoviewer.swf' in a folder but when it opens it looks for the 'gallery.xml' in the root folder. In that case if i have multiple autoviewer files they all try and access the same 'gallery.xml' file. Is there any way to make the loaded swf to open the 'gallery.xml' file from the folder where autoviewer.swf is stored.



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Hi theusual,

how were you able to add multiple galleries to same swf. In my code they all look for gallery.xml in the root folder. Which can only be one.

Do you have any idea how can multiple galleries be added and run from different folder.
I am trying this on the free version of Autoviewer.