Hi Miker,

Thank you for your help.

    public function goBack(){       
        if (ExternalInterface.available) {
I think the line is ExternalInterface.call("history.back");
But I can't see what the "history.back" is but I am sure this is what you mean.
Can you just add goto like www,xyz.co.uk

Okay I think this is what you were talking about.  This is the original code.

//init optional 'back' button
if (Options.showBackButton){mBackBtn_mc = mClip_mc.attachMovie("Caption","mcBackBtn",mClip_mc.getNextHighestDepth());
mBackBtn_mc.txtText.autoSize = true;
mBackBtn_mc.txtText.wordWrap = false;
mBackBtn_mc.txtText.htmlText = "<font color="#" + ARGBHexToString(mXMLManager.captionTextColor) + "" size="" + Options.captionFontSize + "">" + Options.backButtonText + "</font>";           
mBackBtn_mc.onRelease = Delegate.create(this,goBack);   

If I use the last line

mHomeBtn_mc.onRelease = Delegate.create(this,goBack);   

And some how point it to the index.html and use the mHomeBtn_mc as my graphic or button am I on thr right line?

Oh man....my head hurts.

the Options.as turns on and off functions.
the simpleviewer.fla is just the black background, pre loader and all the graphics.
the stagemanager.as apperars to have the as to generate the buttons positions and all the functionality etc.

So I need to add a button graphic to the simpleviewer.fla and some how call it from the stagemanager.as.  If I need to turn it on and off I can do it from the Options.as.  Oh man this is going to be a long puzzle.

As I don't want to have any rollovers I don't need to use the RolloverButton.as the Home/Close button will be constant.

But where does the image.as and the imageAres.as fit in?

Also I assume that all the AS is combined when you compile to the SWF but why do you use AS outside the FLA file and not write all in the FLA?

Hi Milker,

I would like to to use the goBack() function in StageManager.as but I am a little puzzled on what to do as I don't really want to mess anything up.

The arrow buttons are cool and I would like to use something similar as I am not a programmer.  The HTML link looks poor in comparison.

I need a link to the index.html but in the flash area can this be done?

Hi All,

I have just purchased the simpleviewer-Pro and it ROCKS!!!

Just now I have a simple one page with the simpleviewer-Pro only.  What I want to do is have a simple home page with a button 'Gallery' that will go to the simpleviewer-Pro and use the back button on the simpleviewer-Pro to go back to the home page.

Can this be done?

Thank you off to the book store for Action scripts and Javascript books

Do you know how could this be done?

Hi new to the forum and new to the simple viewer, Fantastic product.

Is their a way for a check box to be added to the caption and for the pictures selected for a list to be sent to an e-mail address?